Save Lakeview Fundamental is made up of parents and supporters that are against the Proposal to move Lakeview Families to Gulfport Elementary. Our Group believes it will dilute NOT solve the issues that Gulfport has and will negatively impact all who are affected by this proposal.

Parents in the fundamental programs have chosen to be there because they are passionate about their children and PASSIONATE ABOUT THEIR CHILDRENS' EDUCATION. Our passion is what has made Lakeview so successful. No one should expect us to stifle that matter where we stand on this issue!


Good News! We have secured the support of Mayor Bill Foster. Heather Disler met with him on Friday at which point he explained that he was against the move of Lakeview to Gulfport and that he would voice his disapproval to Julie Jansen in a meeting this Monday. Email him to show him your support: We have gotten a lot accomplished, but there is still so much more to do. Attend the school board meeting on Tuesday, November 7th at 10 AM at the Administration building and speak out against this move. In addition, please email us to volunteer to work to get the final vote we need to win this fight, We have Lew Williams', Linda Lerners' and (most likely) Terry Krassners' support. We just need one more vote. If we work together and work smart, we can accomplish this. We have done so much already; remember that the most crucial month starts now. Work as hard as you can to stop this move!
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Click for Directions to School Board Admin Building

School Board Meeting, Tuesday, 11-09-10, 10am
1st Reading. Proposal submitted to school board at scheduled board meeting. The board does vote on what items are to stay in the proposal.
Conference Hall of the Administration Building at 301 4th Street SW in Largo FL.

Stakeholders Meeting, Wednesday, 11-10-10, 3:30pm
Lakeview Fundamental
This is a closed meeting. ONLY Stakeholder Team member will be allowed to attend

Lakeview Parent Meeting, Wednesday, 11-10-10, 6pm
Lakeview Fundamental
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